Large-volume containers

Lightweight assistance for large-area work

  • The expert solution for large areas: 100-litre capacity and suitable for use with practically all Airless systems
  • Easy to fill for efficient material utilization: Sack support with roller press (optional)
  • Extremely lightweight: Made of strong plastic
  • Mobile and suitable for building site use: Semipneumatic wheels
  • Easy to clean: Solvent-resistant, smooth reservoir interior
Bild 086
Bild 086

Large-volume containers — basic variant

  • Basic variant: Without press table

Included in delivery: Large-volume container including cover
Article number: 2309956

Bild 091
Bild 091

Large-volume container incl. sack support

  • Filling made easy: With press table for efficient material utilization

Included in delivery: Large-volume container with cover, including
sack press table
Article number: 2309960


Sack press table

  • Press table including roller feed

Article number: 2323178


Adapter set

  • For PS 3.25, Article number: 2312155
  • For PS 3.29, PS 3.31, PS 3.34, Article number: 2312156
  • For PS 3.39, Article number: 2312157
  • For SF 27, SF 31 and SF 7000, Article number: 2312158
  • For PC 430, Article number: 2312159
  • For HC 940, HC 960, Article number: 2312160

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