Nozzle extensions

Get the job done even in difficult-to-reach areas!

  • Always at the right distance from the work object Different sizes available
  • Enhanced workplace safety: In many cases, extensions allow you to carry on with your work without the need for scaffolding or ladders
  • Difficult-to-reach areas are a thing of the past: The swivel joint means that you can always get into the remotest corner

AirCoat extensions: Getting closer to the work object

  • 30 cm more flexibility: Difficult-to-reach areas are suddenly easily in range
  • Can be used together with the AirCoat AC 4600 P gun

Article number: 0394090


Airless nozzle extensions (less than 1 m)

  • Four sizes: Whether 15 cm, 30 cm, 45 cm or 60 cm — You’ll always find the right extension for every application
  • Suitable for use with all WAGNER Airless guns: Available with F or G thread
  • Included: Nozzle holder included in the delivery scope

Article number — 15 cm: 0556051 (F thread) / 0556074 (G thread)
Article number — 30 cm: 0556052 (F thread) / 0556075 (G thread)
Article number — 45 cm: 0556053 (F thread) / 0556076 (G thread)
Article number — 60 cm: 0556054 (F thread) / 0556077 (G thread)


Airless nozzle extensions (more than 1 m)

  • Perfect for high ceilings: No need for ladders and scaffolding
  • Swivelling: The swivel joint means you can always work at the right angle to the target object
  • Versatile: Available in three sizes

Article number (1 meter): 0096015
Article number (2 meters): 0096016
Article number (3 meters): 0096017


Airless cavity lances

  • For cavity filling
  • Large selection: Three different lengths available

Rigid cavity lance, 12 cm with R11 nozzle, Article number: 0097252
Rigid cavity lance, 70 cm with R15 nozzle Article number: 0097208
Flexible cavity lance, 130 cm with 0.5 mm nozzle, 25 MPa,
Article number: 0097004


Airless injection wand

  • Ideal for all on-site injection tasks
  • Technical specification: ND 400 11/16″

Article number: 0097057

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