AirCoat nozzles and air caps

Accessories for AirCoat paint guns

  • A perfect fit: The nozzle and air caps match one another perfectly to ensure the best possible coated finish
  • A huge variety: The right accessory for every application
  • Perfect air flow for every material: You can choose between three air caps
  • Durable: Optimized handling and material usage ensure low wear levels

AirCoat nozzles: Brilliant surfaces guaranteed

  • Made for versatility: Available in up to 40 different nozzle sizes
  • Perfect results at low pressures: Low overspray at material pressures of only 6 MPa
  • Brilliant surfaces: The innovative nozzle geometry ensures uniform paint application and gently graduated borders
  • You will find an overview of all our AirCoat nozzles in our «Compass» catalogue or in the Download area of our website

AirCoat air cap (red)

  • Ideal for solvent-based materials

Article number: 0394910


AirCoat air cap (blue)

  • Ideal for water-based materials

Article number: 0394911


AirCoat air cap (green)

  • Ideal for both solvent-based and water-based materials
  • Extremely low air consumption: Any small compressor can be used

Article number: 0394912

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