Compressors — plaster spraying


Compressors — plaster spraying

An essential accessory for pneumatic plaster spray units

  • Vital whenever no power supply is available: Supplies compressed air to your pneumatic PlastCoat
  • Outstanding performance: Gives you all the power you need to handle heavy materials

VKM 592

  • Powerful and reliable: This compressor is the ideal choice for plaster spray applications
  • Perfect for site work: Sturdy tyres
  • Quiet and environmentally responsible: With its automatic cut-out, the compressor only runs when you really need it

Article number: 2311921



  • High-performance: A compact device with all the power of a larger unit
  • Economical: The oil-free pump unit in the flat engine means that there’s no need for expensive oil changes and helps minimize service costs
  • Perfect for site work: The large tyres mean that steps and difficult site terrain are not a problem

Article number: 2337718

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