Страна производитель: США
Производитель: TITAN
Тип насоса: Поршневой
Тип двигателя: Пневмо
Коэфф. передаточного соотношения: 30:1
Макс. рабочее давление: 20,7 МПа, (207 бар)
Макс. вход. давление воздуха: 0,69 МПа, (6,9 бар)
Объем подачи за 1 дв. ход: 178,3 см3
Макс. подача на 60 дв. ходов: 10,7 л/мин
Макс. подача на 90 дв. ходов: 16,0 л/мин
Макс. вязкость материала: 50 000 мПас
Вес: 59.9 кг
Габариты Д х Ш х В: 883 x 667 x 1245 мм

POWRCOAT™ sprayers are great for virtually any application, including architectural, finishing, industrial maintenace, corrosion control, cold applied roofing, waterproofing, and marine protective coatings

  • Anti-icing motor ensures continuous operation
  • Proven spool valve design with only five moving parts
  • High efficiency air motor
  • Long-life packings Severe Service™ pump
  • Large 16” pneumatic wheels
  • Integrated wall mount bracket
  • Heavy duty cart
  • Hose wrap and gun holder
  • Heavy duty crane hook
  • Lubrication adjustment for versatile use
  • High capacity outlet filter reduces tip plugging
  • Lift handles

Severe Service™

  • Hard-chrome polished piston and cylinders give long life
  • Tungsten carbide calve seats with hardened steel check balls provide better performance and durability
  • PowrCoat™ piston is engineered to provide unmatched chemical and solvent resistance while creating an ultra-smooth surface that operated with a smooth stroke that provides less friction
  • Pumps are designed for easy application of today’s low-VOC, high solids, and abrasive coatings

Aircare™ System

  • Complete FRL (Filter, Regulator, Lubricator) standard with every PowrCoat™
  • Eliminates motor icing
  • Automatic draining moisture trap
  • Easy access air filter & lubrication reservoir


  • 7
  • 30:1
  • 4.0
  • 3000
  • 100
  • 98
  • 182
  • 4.0
Product Part #
Cart 0533730C
Wall Mount 0533730W

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